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Sermon CDs

Sermons on CD are a great way to enjoy truth-filled messages throughout the week, to learn more about the end-time events and practical Christian living, and even obtain material for your presentations. You may request sermon CDs/DVDs from the following Free SDA churches and ministries.

THE GILEAD INSTITUTE OF AMERICA: Monthly sermon CDs on doctrinal issues, practical Christian living, and more by Pastor Patrick Herbert. Please email your request and mailing address to

KEEP THE FAITH MINISTRY: Monthly sermon CDs on current events, prophecy, and more by Pastor Hal Mayer. Please email your request and mailing address to

Study Material

E. G. WHITE LIBRARY: Read various books by Ellen G. White or even print off sections to read offline. Go to E. G. White Libarary.

HEALTH MATERIAL: Short articles on the principles of health.

Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies

An adult Sabbath School Quarterly has been specially prepared for member churches and ministries of the International Association of Free Seventh-day Adventists. This Quarterly is from the early Seventh-day Adventist quarterlies used before theological changes started to creep into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These quarterlies were used by the adult or senior Sabbath School classes in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s by our pioneers, and was published for the International Sabbath School Association of Seventh-day Adventists by Pacific Press Publishing Company, Mountain View, California.

These Sabbath School Quarterlies will cover many of our historic beliefs, such as the Sanctuary truth, the Three Angels’ Messages, end-time prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, the Health Reform message, and many other important truths. They are designed to encourage student participation and can also be used as lesson books or workbooks in learning each subject. A new Quarterly will be available each quarter in both English and Spanish.

Place your order here. You may either place a one-time order or a standing order. To order copies of quarterlies previous to the current one, please contact the office at 770-270-5535.

3Q2024: Studies on Doctrinal Topics, Pt. 1
2Q2024: Fundamentals of the Christian Life
1Q2024: The Ministry of Angels
4Q2023: Studies on Tithes & Offerings
3Q2023: God's Everlasting Covenant
2Q2023: The Parables of Jesus
1Q2023: With the Great Teacher
4Q2022: Studies on Bible Election
3Q2022: God's Kingdom in This World
2Q2022: Lessons From the Old Testament: Isaiah & Jeremiah
1Q2022: Lessons From the Old Testament: Psalms & Daniel
4Q2021: God's Infinite Love
3Q2021: The Word & the Spirit
2Q2021: A Synopsis of Present Truth, Pt. 2
1Q2021: A Synopsis of Present Truth, Pt. 1
4Q2020: Agencies of the Plan of Salvation
3Q2020: The First Epistle of John
2Q2020: The Second Epistle of Peter
1Q2020: The First Epistle of Peter
4Q2019: The Book of James
3Q2019: Letter to the Hebrews, Pt. 3
2Q2019: Letter to the Hebrews, Pt. 2
1Q2019: Letter to the Hebrews, Pt. 1
4Q2018: Epistles of Paul to Timothy
3Q2018: Epistles to the Thessalonians
2Q2018: Epistle to the Philippians
1Q2018: Epistle to the Ephesians
4Q2017: Studies on the Books of Joel & Titus
3Q2017: A Study of the Book of Esther
2Q2017: Lessons on the Book of Nehemiah
1Q2017: A Study of the Book of Ezra
4Q2016: The Great Three-Fold Messages of Revelation 14
3Q2016: Outline Studies In the Revelation, Pt. 2
2Q2016: Outline Studies In the Revelation, Pt. 1
1Q2016: The Prophecies of Daniel
4Q2015: The Sabbath & Tithing
3Q2015: The Coming of the Lord
2Q2015: The Parables of Jesus, Pt. 2
1Q2015: The Parables of Jesus, Pt. 1
4Q2014: Great Reform Movements
3Q2014: The Exodus and the Advent Movement
2Q2014: The Book of Genesis, Part 2
1Q2014: The Book of Genesis, Part 1
4Q2013: Religious & Civil Liberty
3Q2013: The Ministry of Healing
2Q2013: The Sanctuary of the Bible
1Q2013: Practical Religion In the Home

Church Bulletin Covers

Print bulletin covers with your own church’s name in the banner. Instructions on how to print the covers provided. Have a different cover every week. Click here.