International Association of Free Seventh-day Adventists

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Membership Benefits
  1. Membership Certificate proving your church or ministry is part of an international body.
  2. Privilege to legally use the “Free Seventh-day Adventist” name regardless of the “Seventh-day Adventist” trademark.
  3. Identity with other self-supporting churches of the historic Adventist faith and having a name common to all, i.e. Free Seventh-day Adventist.
  4. Networking among self-supporting church leaders for mutual support and encouragement.
  5. Through Individual Membership, isolated members or wrongfully disfellowshipped individuals can have identity with others who love present truth.
  6. Have your church listed on the International Association website for visibility and interests in your local area.
  7. Organizational advice, counsel, and recommendations for carrying forward your mission, plans, and goals.
  8. Assistance with church issues that the local church has trouble resolving.
  9. Access to ministerial support for sacred services and ceremonies for churches without a local pastor: communion, weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
  10. Ministerial License or Ministerial Credentials for the local pastor (requirements apply).
  11. Ordination/consecration for church leaders as the necessity demands: pastors, elders, deacons, Bible workers.
  12. Training programs for pastors, evangelists, Bible workers, church leaders, church members, and medical missionary evangelists, as they become available.
  13. Student practicum/internships in Pastoral training, evangelism, and ministerial work.
  14. Material for dealing with controversial doctrinal issues that are becoming prevalent.
  15. Discount for International Association Sabbath School quarterlies in English, Spanish, etc., dealing with relevant historic beliefs and present truth subjects.
  16. Annual International Association Campmeeting in Georgia, with regional meetings for churches that associate together in different regions.
  17. Free Adventist Voice, a periodic newsletter for Association members.
  18. Periodic emails to inform and educate members on Association news, events, projects, and policies, etc.
  19. Materials for children or youth Sabbath School as it becomes available.
  20. Free monthly CDs/DVDs to educate members on present truth topics, spirituality, character development, and current events.
  21. Freedom from hierarchical control—member churches and ministries are self-governing and self-supporting.