International Association of Free Seventh-day Adventists

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Donate Using Paypal: Since 1916, Free Seventh-day Adventists have helped many to come to a knowledge of the Three Angels' Messages and experience true freedom in Christ. If you are interested in preserving and promoting the original beliefs of Adventism or present truth, you may make a donation by clicking on the General Donation to the right. Free Seventh-day Adventists depend on the generosity of individuals to spread the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and God's end-time messages.

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You may also use the Bill Pay function from the online banking website associated with your bank account. This is actually a preferable way to send donations as this eliminates the fees associated with paying by credit card and/or eCheck. Thus all of your money goes toward the Lord's work, with none being taken as fees.

Online Bill Pay is offered as a service by your bank, and you can send money out of your bank account to whoever you wish. In most cases the online Bill Pay services will actually print a check and mail it to us. To set up this type of online Bill Pay you’ll probably just need the address of the International Association. Set up a new payee in the name of the International Association at your bank's website. Enter the address and any other information about the payment, such as specifically what it is for. Each time you want to pay, you’ll just go to that webpage, enter the amount of the donation, click enter or submit, and you’re done.

International Assoc. of Free SDAs
6000 Live Oak Pakway, Ste. 114
Norcross, GA 30093

* Bill Pay may be available in certain countries in addition to the United States, and most likely the procedure will be the same. Check with your bank to see if this service is available.


Free SDA Headquarters Church in USA

A church property has been found that will be suitable as a church for the International Association of Free SDAs and Berean Church of Free SDAs. It is a beautiful yet conservative church sitting on five acres of land northeast of Atlanta, Georgia,. About 1/3 of the funding has been identified; however, 2/3s is still needed to be obtained. Please make donations using the Donate button to the right.

Berean Church of Free SDAs

Mwange Free SDA Church in Zambia

The foundation and walls have been completed for Mwange Free SDA Church building in Ndola, Zambia. Now they just need help in finishing the church. Please make your contribution toward this goal of seeing their church building completed. Make donations using the Donate button to the right.

Mwange Free SDA Church

Fareham Church of Free SDAs in England

The members of Fareham Church of Free SDAs did a wonderful job in renovating the sanctuary; however, they would still like to attend to other areas of the church including the kitchen. Make donations using the Donate button to the right.

Fareham Church of Free SDAs

Royal Valley Free SDA Church in the Philippines

The members of Royal Valley Free SDA Church are still working on renovating the property that they purchased several years ago. Much as been done, but there is still much to do. They make advances as the money becomes available. Make donations using the Donate button to the right.

Royal Valley Free SDA Church

Zimbabwe Lifestyle Center

Some time ago a young man came from Zimbabwe to receive training here in the United States because of his interest in and desire to start a Lifestyle Center/Clinic in his home country. He has completed his training and is now a naturopath. He has already acquired a number of items necessary for the clinic, most of which were donated to him by a center here in the United States that was shutting down. However, he needs a few more items, including a couple computers, printers, and massage equipment, and he needs to ship all the items to Zimbabwe. He originally wanted to build his own clinic in Zimbabwe, but due to not having enough funds, he will rent for now and start small. However, it still does require some things and they need to be shipped to Zimbabwe. Currently he estimates that $15,000 will complete the purchases and ship everything. Please consider making a donation to help start this center in Zimbabwe using the Donate button to the right. Thank you for whatever help you can give.

Zimbabwe Lifestyle Center